Better application performance and more functionality in 15 minutes!

Better application performance and more functionality in 15 minutes!

Posted on May 31, 2011 0 Comments

If you think performance gains in your application have to be several days and multiple code changes away, think again! What about bulk load, application failover, and other functionality that is expected in today's applications? Again, no code changes required with DataDirect JDBC Type 5 - better performance and additional functionality are just a driver connection option away. DataDirect JDBC drivers codeless configuration options, where changes need only occur in the connection string, can improve performance significantly, especially in a virtualized environment. Whether you want to use bulk load, application failover, distributed transactions, or other functionality, the days of painful code changes, combined with endless testing and redeployment are over! In our "15 Minutes to Type 5" webinar, the enormous benefits of Type 5 are discussed. After a brief overview of Type 5 benefits, you will see a live demo showing installation, configuration, connection, and then selecting/returning data - all within about 5 minutes! Click here to replay the "15 Minutes to Type 5" webinar! Download the DataDirect JDBC driver to see for yourself! Below are some of the questions from participants in the webinar (and my answers):

  1. Can I replace the Oracle JDBC thin driver with DataDirect without additional work? YES. The only thing that changes is your connection string.
  2. Do I have to do anything to my existing DBMS servers to use JDBC Type 5? There are multiple connection options that are not database specific that will enhance performance. Having said that, there are a few database-specific performance options where performance may be further enhanced with a few minor changes to DBMS settings. However, DBMS changes are NOT required to leverage the advantages of Type 5.
  3. Do you have performance benchmark numbers? There is no substitute for testing a production scenario in your own environment. However, we expend huge resources on performance and we run tests regularly. We also have a webinar that includes a live performance demo. The "before" and "after" numbers are shown...and in fact, the "after" showed 500% better performance! You can check out the replay of the performance webinar here!

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