Best Practices to Significantly Improve Database Application Performance and Scalability

Best Practices to Significantly Improve Database Application Performance and Scalability

March 31, 2009 0 Comments

In this podcast, Rob Steward explains why readers will find The Data Access Handbook useful. The podcast runs for 1:38.

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Podcast text: What will someone get out of The Data Access Handbook?

Rob Steward: What you would get from The Data Access Handbook is a whole lot of knowledge, as well as tips and tricks, on how to make your database application performance scale much better. The book is full of explanations about why middleware and the network impact your performance. And then there are a number of chapters that we go into in significant depth on how these things affect your performance.

We also have a number of chapters where we talk specifically about coding with standards based APIs. So if you’re using ODBC, or you’re using JDBC, or you’re using ADO.NET, what are the specific things that you can do within those data access APIs to make your performance significantly better?

Also, how do you tune those things? We talk about tuning databases, configuration options, and indexes, and all those kinds of things. But middleware typically has a lot of tuning options as well. That can have just as big of impact on your overall performance as those tuning options on your server.

We go through the concepts in the book, and how they overall affect your application’s performance. But we also go into detail to tell you exactly how you manipulate those things to make them work to make your database application work faster.

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