Becoming a Data Connectivity Geek: Step 1 of 12

Becoming a Data Connectivity Geek: Step 1 of 12

Posted on October 02, 2007 0 Comments

"Gee Mike, how can I become as wise about data connectivity as you?"

The above question is proof that although a question may be easy to ask, the answer may not be simple (nor the questioner sane in this case). My professional career started without even cursory knowledge of what a driver was, how relational databases worked, or even how to program in something more modern than FORTRAN (not dating myself as much as hinting that my college career was somewhat atypical for someone in my position). Since that time I have become "sufficiently proficient" in the subject of data connectivity to get myself into trouble, but not quite good enough to get myself out - sort of an anti-Macgyver in that regard.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share with you the secret of how I managed to acquire the thimbleful of lore that I have to date: listening to people smarter than myself. Thankfully for me, I haven't had to look far for overqualified individuals at my place of employment - it's like looking for a tall tree in a forest of redwoods. The great news is that these resident geniuses are actually more interested in going forth and helping others who grapple with the weighty questions involving data connectivity than they are in trying to give me the "Dick and Jane" version of every new concept that comes along.

You can meet these Superstars of Standards-Based Database Access APIs at DataDirect's Architect Tutorials at one of the following dates and locations:

Thursday, October 4th | St. Louis, MO - Hilton Frontenac
Thursday, October 11th | Toronto, ON - Westin Harbour Castle
Tuesday, October 16th | Irvine, CA - Hyatt Regency

This year's theme is, "Successful Strategies for SOA Enablement & Data Connectivity," which sounds much more useful and technical than "See Spot Program 'Hello World' In FORTRAN". If my personal recommendation amounts to anything - attend and don't forget to bring a warm thinking cap.

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