Be RESTful with Rollbase

Be RESTful with Rollbase

Posted on March 27, 2017 0 Comments
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Rollbase 4.5 is just on the horizon. The new release enables developers to build integrations to RESTful services, straight from the no-code environment of Rollbase. Read on for more details.

Integration is a critical component for building enterprise applications and REST services are often the proposed method to complete this integration. REST services are typically considered simpler to implement than SOAP services due to their structure and use of XML.

Web service integration has been a buzzword for many years as an easy approach to integrate systems. It was believed if you had these components, you could simply and easily integrate to any system with similar services. Well, from an engineering point of view, it was feasible. But from an implementation point of view, it was a very different story.

Until now, that is.

A RESTful Revolution with Rollbase

As of Progress Rollbase 4.5, which is set to launch on April 1, you will be able to trigger REST services in a no-code environment. Rollbase offers a drag-and-drop visual mapper that provides any user with the ability to build integrations to RESTful services.

This functionality will enable you to build integrations within hours versus days or even weeks. Imagine the productivity increase. The ability to POC rapidly with integration. Users are limited only by the target applications’ ability to integrate. Rollbase supports a complete platform of REST services.

Simply provide the URL of the service, any simple authentication required and bingo. Rollbase connects and enables you to select the service you want to integrate with. Then, using Swagger, we create a drag-and-drop visual mapper that allows the user to first build the Request (from Rollbase to the target service) and then the Response (the return information from the target service).

That’s it! Then simply determine when this trigger is executed, such as On Create, After Update, etc.

Rollbase is the first low-code, high-productivity application platform to provide built-in no-code REST mapping.

Current Rollbase customers can find this functionality in the trigger section once 4.5 has launched.

Are you intrigued? Sign up for a FREE trial here.


Adam Day

Adam is a Director of Product Marketing at Progress. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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