Author: Jonathan Bruce

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  • Trackbacks and the .NET blogger community

    Earlier this week SiliconBeat lamented the seeming demise of one the key tools in the blogging community: Trackbacks. While I can entirely sympathize with the barrage of spam Trackbacks, I too have been forced into...
    February 24, 2006
  • LOI: XQuery Update Facility, LINQ

    I have been reasonably quiet over the past month, however this is probably more a testament to how busy have been since arriving back from Christmas 2005 celebrations. In the interests of keeping my site current, I'm starting a series of postings that I'd like to call LOI's, or links of...
    January 30, 2006
  • XQuery meets REST and .NET News

    Jonathan Robie, XQuery language editor today publishes some thoughts on how XQuery has a significant role on the middle-tier. In this instance, XQuery is acting as the engine behind a RESTful interface using a commonly used servlet hooks. Check out his blog...
    January 12, 2006
  • New Year Aspirations

    From the Christmas Day swim, I've just pushed a few photos to Flickr. Flickr is experiencing some issues with the database so not all of their postings are immediately working. This year presents some exciting opportunities, and as is...
    January 03, 2006
  • Christmas cheer

    I write this entry from Dublin, Ireland where I'm staying with my folks for the Christmas week. In just a week it is next to impossible to switch one's brain off; however, some interesting observations as to the technology environment here: 100% Mobile penetration was reached just last week - a...
    December 25, 2005