Author: David Millman

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  • Distributed SOA

    Last week I attended the Forrester Enterprise Architect forum and heard a pretty consistent cry from people walking around and stopping at the booth; "How do I implement SOA in a distributed...

    February 13, 2008
  • Buying and Driving your SOA

    When I get around to buying a new car, I know what is important to me. Being 6 feet 4 inches tall the first criteria is whether or not I can sit comfortably and see myself driving many miles, and then small things become important, like whether I can see the lights at an intersection. The comfort...

    November 19, 2007
  • SOA a Little Bit of Everything

    I have been reading a few articles on the internet and in various documents that tend to come to the conclusion that web-services and BPEL are the answer to all problems, in much the way that CORBA, RMI, J2EE (insert technology of choice) were touted in previous years. I would suggest to the contrary...
    August 09, 2007
  • The Approach to a Successful SOA

    As an ESB practitioner for the past 4-5 years I am often asked what is the best way to make a SOA project successful, my response 'An initial win, followed up by small successful iterations,' the main thing that people are taken back about in this statement is the lack of technology and standards in...
    July 17, 2007