Ask Question or give Feedback to Sitefinity with Hashtags

Ask Question or give Feedback to Sitefinity with Hashtags

Posted on February 16, 2017 0 Comments

UPDATE: We, the Sitefinity team, understand how important is to be in touch with our clients. That is why we want to encourage you to start asking more questions and providing direct feedback. With the #AskProgress and #TellProgress hashtags (replacing #AskSitefinity and #TellSitefinity) you will be able to reach us anytime, anywhere. To make it simple, we’re dedicating the #AskProgress keyword to your questions and #TellProgress for sharing feedback.

Here are few examples of how and when to use the hashtags:

  • To provide feedback after you test some features from a beta or official release, or if you want to share your experience, use #TellProgress
  • When you want to know more about a new feature or ask questions during Sitefinity webinar, ask your questions publicly with #AskProgress.

Start using the hashtags and the Sitefinity team will capture them. Thanks for sharing your input!

Peter Filipov

Peter Filipov

Peter Filipov (Pepi) is a Product Builder focused on building the future of Sitefinity, relying on the newest technologies such as .NET 6 (and up), React and Angular. His previous experience as a Developer Advocate and Manager of Engineering helps him to understand the customers’ and market needs of Sitefinity. He also is passionate about being active and healthy.


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