Are Type 4 JDBC Drivers Stuck In the Past? Jesse Davis blogs on Java.Net

Are Type 4 JDBC Drivers Stuck In the Past? Jesse Davis blogs on Java.Net

Posted on February 27, 2010 0 Comments

Anyone who’s interested in Java and JDBC should check out Jesse Davis’ new article entitled, “Has JDBC Kept Up with Enterprise Requirements?” In it, Jesse examines the evidence that suggests that while Java enterprise environments and their demands have evolved and changed, JDBC and many JDBC drivers have stayed pretty much stuck in the same place. It’s an idea that sure to provoke some eyebrows to raise, but one that Jesse takes pains to offer examples of that support his points. Not surprisingly, he even offers some code samples. :)

It’s worth nothing that the editor of was intrigued enough by Jesse’s article that he commented at length about it on his daily blog. His takeaway? “Prior to a few days ago, when I thought about JDBC, I thought I was thinking about a problem that has been solved. [Jesse Davis’ article] has eliminated that kind of thinking for me.”

Stay tuned for more on this topic – it’s something that we expect to hear and talk more in the days to come.

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