App development must combine speed, security

App development must combine speed, security

Posted on March 10, 2014 0 Comments

Is your application development platform secure?

Is your application development platform secure?

Developing important business applications quickly is absolutely vital. So, however, is keeping information safe from unauthorized viewers. This combined need for speed and safety isn't exclusive to application development - on the contrary, it's a dominant force in many different corners of IT - but professionals responsible for apps must find their own solutions to the problem. This could involve working with a specialized Platform-as-a-Service offering.

Going quickly, staying safe One of the key benefits of new cloud-based app development platforms is their ability to grant access to a wide range of disparate professionals. This helps these employees communicate effectively and perform the many different functions expected of them, from the initial planning and creation of software through testing and management. Of course, if these features make it easier for unauthorized individuals to get into the system, causing noncompliance with regulations and endangering the environment, it is all for naught.

Today's PaaS solutions counter this worry with governance features that are built directly into the platform. This means that leaders can design custom user profiles, with some professionals able to do more than others. Each account is granted exactly the powers its owner needs to do his or her job and no more. This is a strong balance, and allows for a number of different sets of responsibilities. In an app development environment that is growing and changing in a hurry, the flexibility and customization of these settings may be especially welcome.

It's also important to seek out PaaS tools that comply with security regulations on a purely technical level. Weaknesses in the infrastructure could be likely targets for hackers, along with the constant worry that they will come up short during an audit. This may mean purchasing solutions that use secure socket layer (SSL) technology for authentication and encryption purposes. User role features are more meaningful when they are backed up by this robust framework.

Laying the groundwork for DevOps Going with PaaS for your app development needs may be an important step in implementing DevOps principles. With a strong framework that can suit flexible user roles while still keeping up security, you may be able to combine the development and operations procedures, smoothing the progress of applications from the earliest stages of their creation to the patches that will keep them secure as part of your business's infrastructure. Today, apps are called upon to be a conduit for communication with a company, and having strong offerings to place into this situation is absolutely vital.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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