App developers shouldn't work in isolation

App developers shouldn't work in isolation

Posted on February 27, 2014 0 Comments

If workers are connected to one another, app development may become easier.

If workers are connected to one another, app development may become easier.

Application developers sometimes end up isolated, with each team relegated to its own silo. This is not a necessary situation, and correcting it could help your organization move forward. Software creators working with the same audience and corporate resources can learn a lot from one another, and creating a technological ecosystem that supports collaboration and breaks down barriers could be the key to improving productivity.

Open lines of communication Making information available is an important concept in application development, especially when it comes to shortening deployment times. Companies want to find ways to release new iterations of software as quickly as possible. One method is to ensure that development teams can check up on the past performance of colleagues' projects, as well as ask for help with their own new concepts in real time. If these interactions become cumbersome or time-consuming, the entire development effort may fall behind schedule. With calendars tightening, that is unacceptable.

There are several ways to ensure collaboration, but results will likely be improved if IT leaders lean toward simplicity. For example, implementing a Platform-as-a-Service development framework with integrated communication features puts the services employees need within reach. Workers can share their progress and learn from one another, directing their own efforts without drastically interrupting their workflows or learning to use a disconnected suite of separate tools.

Sharing of information may prove especially important if app development teams contain subject matter experts from backgrounds outside of traditional IT. These employees, operating simple interfaces and tools that require less coding expertise, can share a perspective that is specialized and can empower certain aspects of the overall project. As Web applications today have to fulfill a vast array of functions for a number of different departments, it could be very valuable to have these professionals with varied skill sets working within the general application development space.

Empowered by current technology platforms The ability to unite an entire firm's worth of developers on one platform has become attainable in the past few years, with affordable Platform-as-a-Service deployments offering easy connections between these employees. These resources can be deployed in the public cloud or on private cloud servers under businesses' sole control. An increasingly popular cloud deployment method involves keeping some resources private and renting others from public providers, creating a hybrid environment divided according to information type and priority. Whichever model you choose, setting up a dedicated platform for your app developers can help them communicate and work together more effectively.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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