Announcing the Easyl Data Blender Beta

Announcing the Easyl Data Blender Beta

April 06, 2015 0 Comments

The next generation of data preparation is coming soon, but you can get a sneak peek today!

Last year, we announced the release of Progress® Easyl™, a self-service data integration and collaboration solution for business users to gain faster insight into data scattered across data sources. Since that time, we have been hard at work incorporating feedback and enhancing the experience. Now, we’re finally ready to show the world what we've been up to.

Join the Progress Easyl Data Blender Beta

The Easyl team publicly shared the news about the upcoming public beta release of the new Easyl last week at the Oracle Modern Marketing Experience conference in Las Vegas. Lovingly called “Data Blender,” this new version of Easyl enables users to see and manipulate their data in real-time. No matter your technical skill-level, preparing and blending data has never been easier.  By joining the Easyl Data Blender beta, you’ll have an opportunity to experience the benefits of the new Easyl before anyone else, provide feedback and get free stuff.

Organizations are quickly learning that in order to gain a 360-degree view of their business, they need to gather data from many disparate systems. While BI tools are making it easier to report insights, preparing data prior to importing into a BI is critical to having accurate outputs. That means analysts are spending 80% of their time accessing and preparing data before they even get to analysis.

The Data Blender project is our aggressive attempt to make data preparation easier by improving visibility throughout the process.  By combining automated tools and templates with a real-time view of the data being manipulated, the new Easyl will enable faster, more accurate data preparation while freeing you up to spend more time doing what you do best.

Screenshot of Progress Easyl Data Blender

"Data Blender" offers a real-time view of your data

Next Steps for Interested Easyl Testers

Though it won’t begin until May 4, if you’re interested in easier data preparation for improved analytics you can sign-up for the Data Blender beta today. We hope you will get the chance to experience how self-serve data preparation reduces time spent data wrangling and enables you to spend more time doing your job.

If you just can’t wait, however, the current version of Easyl is available as a free trial on our website. Though you won’t have access to all the new Data Blender features, you can still reap the benefits of better data preparation today.

Chris Doran

After spending 10+ years in the digital marketing industry in various different roles, Chris re-joined Progress because he saw how Progress Easyl could solve problems he experienced throughout his career. With a passion for technology and marketing, Chris leverages experience of 8 years at Microsoft, various start-up and mid-sized companies to focus on bringing fantastic products to market. In his spare time, Chris cheers for his hometown Saints and spends time chasing ​around his young son.

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