Afterglow on tonight's BoF

Afterglow on tonight's BoF

Posted on June 05, 2008 0 Comments

A quick word of thanks for everyone's excellent participation on our BoF tonight. While I was nervous that 60 minutes would be a long time to fill, especially considering I was not allowed any slides, given how the conversation flowed across all sides of the room, it was a very useful and enjoyable 60 minutes. Some of the key take always included...

  • Entity Framework holds great promise, and but is not a catch all for everything....
  • SQL is not dead (far from it). For critical apps where you have to maintain absolute control as to how your application performs and behaves, there is no substitute for keeping your hands on the controls.
  • The Data Cloud hold great promise, but everyone is nervous as to the prospect of exposing any data source into an uncontrolled, unmanaged cloud. Lots of concerns as to the security and governance of this.

We'll do this all again next week for Tech Ed IT Pros.... and of course as I didn't bring enough t-shirts for everyone, so stop by our booth tomorrow where I will be handing out our very popular t's.

Jonathan Bruce

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