ADO.NET Provider Writer Sessions, Redmond, WA

ADO.NET Provider Writer Sessions, Redmond, WA

July 31, 2006 0 Comments

I am spending most of this week to attending the ADO.NET Provider Writer Tech Preview at Microsoft's Campus in Redmond, WA. While it looks like I will be dodging the searing heat on the east coast, I nonetheless expect some very lively sessions based on the make up of the attendees that I understand will be there. Obviously most of the discussions that take place fall under various confidentially agreements, so I will be limited in what I can talk about.However with the August CTP of ADO.NET vNEXT just right around the corner it should at least expose some excellent talking points for the ADO.NET blogging community. On that topic, we have a few milestones on the horizon I should probably touch upon: Tech Ed Europe - we are looking to do another ADO.NET Meetup at that location and now seems like a good time to start talking about what kind of agenda would be good. At the height of summer it seems odd to be think that far ahead, but it will be upon us before we know it.... just comment below with your thoughts.

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