Actional for IONA Orbix & DB

Actional for IONA Orbix & DB

Posted on June 15, 2009 0 Comments

I've been on the road since the end of May and I have also moved, so needless to say, I'm behind on my blogging and tweeting responsibilities. I mean, you know you're busy when you don't have time to tweet!

My colleagues have been out there though, doing some great things. We've got some early trials going on with Actional being evaluated at a few IONA Orbix (CORBA) customers. Since the team has tweeted this, I thought I'd blog about it!

As Frank Lynch said, "CORBA users will be mighty pleased to have Actional visibility, an no performance penalty to boot." Yep, couldn't a' said it better myself.

Why is Actional/Orbix integration important?

  1. It demonstrates a key differentiator between Actional and all other solutions out there... we're not designed specifically for web services. Never were. Extending Actional beyond web services started in late 2003, and continues with the work we're doing with the Orbix team.
  2. CORBA customers are "interesting" in that they are typical enterprise class deployments. They have high message rates, are deployed in critical infrastructure, and are sophisticated deployments due to their maturity. Right in Actional's sweet spot.
  3. In this down economy, Progress has a key advantage over our smaller competitors, so much so that it's hard to actually view these customers as competitors. Where these small guys have to go and develop new customer relationships, we can continue to delight our existing customer base (in over 100 countries) with innovative integrations between the products in the Progress portfolio. This continued innovation enables us to drive market adoption while delivering products that meet real enterprise customer needs.

On that last point, I've got a bit of a new role here. Or, better said, my role is being further formalized as Actional Product Evangelist. I'm very pleased to have the responsibility for socially-marketing some of the new integrations we are delivering to market. In particular, those integrations between products in the Progress portfolio and Actional, and between Actional and some partners. I'm hoping I can have a real impact with this formalization to my role, as well as some fun introducing Actional to some new technologies.

That said, my initial focus is going to be on IONA's Orbix, Progress OpenEdge, and Sun Glassfish. Glassfish support has been released, and both IONA and OpenEdge are in early trials (pre-beta). As I get organized around communicating these solutions, feel free to drop me a line with questions if you are interested in seeing what we've got!

Any existing Orbix customers interested in the Actional integration should contact your sales rep... or me. You're required to have Orbix 6 or later for Java (for now... we're working on the C++ and Java/C++ for Orbix 3, but they're not ready to trial yet).

PS Why not follow Maneesh Sahu (Sr. Solution Architect, Partners), Dion Picco (Engineering) , Frank Lynch (Sr. Solution Architect, East), or Marcelo Jabali (Sr. Solution Architect, West)?

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