A Laser-Like Focus on Rapid Application Development

A Laser-Like Focus on Rapid Application Development

Posted on August 05, 2014 0 Comments

218px-Nci-vol-2268-300_argon_ion_laserDeveloping with a laser focus


“There’s gotta be a better way!” was the conclusion of Ray Hodnett, CEO and Mark Catanese, Vice President of Product Development at Jungle Lasers. The software company’s previous model of application development was traditional .NET, ASP and Java—requiring months to build a single app. This outmoded approach was no longer serving the business as it expanded. Now, powered by Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the company is able develop and deploy powerful business applications in about a week.

This New Jersey-based company is a leader in bringing custom web applications to municipalities and small businesses in a truly improved way using a cloud-based development platform. Through their GEO3.0 portal, Jungle Lasers provide online services to clients for software applications and to manage their data and information.

A Cool Approach that Wows Customers

Ray and Mark use a fun approach with employees to support their development efforts.  Every week their team is asked to submit an innovative, interesting “cool” project they are currently working as part of the company’s “Cool Report.”  In this short video, Ray and Mark explain how Jungle Lasers was able to quickly build application solutions that help their clients do business in a much better way:

Rapid App Dev to the Rescue

One of the Cool Reports in the video highlights how Jungle Lasers created an application for a New Jersey municipality to help it more easily locate unlicensed dogs and cats, streamlining a time-consuming manual process and mobilizing the municipality’s efforts for easier tracking.

Another success story: Jungle Lasers has been doing ordinances and updates for municipalities since 1998 and needed a way to simplify a tedious process involving a SQL query to get the names of every town, faxing a hard copy form to each of them, and then waiting until the form was mailed back (ugh!). Progress® Rollbase® allowed Jungle Lasers to easily build an application that helped simplify, automate and speed the entire process.

One of Jungle Lasers’ clients is an educational tour group company. Using a CSS template, Jungle Lasers was able to integrate their existing app through Rollbase to allow users to do everything online from accepting a quote, managing tours or collecting funds with PayPal integration. Tour managers and educators are very pleased with functionality that lets them log in directly to the application themselves.

A Laser Focus on Client Success

Jungle Lasers is committed to being more than a software company and frequently acts as a consultant for their clients, creating applications that deliver a stellar user experience and empowering them to do business better. Listen to Ray and Mark talk about their success using the Progress® Pacific™ PaaS in the Progress Cool Report video above. You’re going to love these guys!

To learn more about the partnership between Jungle Lasers and Progress Software, read this blog post from earlier this year.

You’re Invited

We want to know your thoughts and ideas about how PaaS is going to change the way applications are developed. And if you have a success story with Pacific and Rollbase, please share your story with us!

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose was previously a senior content strategist and team lead for Progress DataDirect.


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