5 Reasons to Adopt a Business Rules Management System

5 Reasons to Adopt a Business Rules Management System

Posted on April 01, 2015 0 Comments

In this article, previously published in Business Solutions Magazine, Dr. Mark Allen presents the five business benefits of business rules engines.

I’m often asked to describe the business value of a Business Rules Management System (BRMS).  I’ve compiled this list, which identifies patterns distilled from hundreds of successful Progress® Corticon® clients across diverse industries.

1. Keep up with the pace of change

If you’re like most businesses, you have an IT backlog of requested changes that may take months or years to deliver.  A BRMS helps you to change business logic 10-25x faster than traditional development.

2. Improve efficiency and productivity

A BRMS helps to automate recurring decisions that are governed by policy and guidelines, significantly reducing the need for manual processing.  A BRMS can be leveraged to automate role decision-making tasks, while our resources focus on high value exceptions.

3. Ensure compliance with policy and regulation

How do you prove that you are compliant with policy and regulation?  With a BRMS, you capture policy and regulation in the form of business rules, which are enforced automatically with every business transaction.  The policy and regulation remain transparent and not hidden in programming code.  And, every automated decision in a BRMS provides an audit trail, showing exactly what rules fired and when.  Your next audit will be a breeze with a BRMS.

4. Improve customer service

A BRMS helps you to provide more responsive service to your customers.  A BRMS can help to guide your agents with best practices on their task, whether it is diagnostics, upsell or cross-sell.  Or, a BRMS can deliver a powerful self-service experience, whether it be selling complex products online or automating a help desk function.

5. Open new revenue opportunities

Business growth is often limited by the availability of human resources.  A BRMS can deliver advisory and other decision-making functions 24x7, with thousands of times per second, simply by adding additional server power.  Open your business to new online channels of sales and distribution and let your revenue and profits soar.

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I plan to follow this blog post with a number of additional posts discussing specific industry trends and customer success stories relating to these reasons. In the meantime, I’d recommend downloading our complete whitepaper for full details on 5 Reasons to Adopt Business Rules.


Dr. Mark Allen

Dr. Mark Allen

Dr. Mark Allen is a Progress General Manager, dedicated to advancing business automation and passionate about applying technology to improve the world. In 2000, he founded Corticon, later acquired by Progress in 2011. Under his leadership, Corticon became a leading independent business rules platform with hundreds of customers in diverse industries such as financial services, government, healthcare and insurance. Prior to founding Corticon, Dr. Allen developed rules-based systems to help physicians make better patient care decisions. Dr. Allen has a B.S. in Applied Physics from Columbia University, and an M.D. from the University of California Los Angeles.


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