3 Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps With NativeScript and Kinvey

3 Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps With NativeScript and Kinvey

Posted on November 06, 2017 0 Comments
3 Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps With NativeScript and Kinvey_870x220

Why should you develop with NativeScript and Kinvey? Learn the top reasons this combination is ideal for easily building rich enterprise applications.

Over the last 6 years, Kinvey’s top ranked Backend as a Service platform has been used by hundreds of thousands of developers to build rich, engaging apps. To make this easy we offer numerous features, including data and file storage, user authentication and authorization, engagement (push notifications, email, etc.), custom functions and triggers, 3rd-party data connectivity, analytics, operational intelligence, and compliance.

We are thrilled to now be working closely alongside our friends on the NativeScript team, who have built an amazing open source framework for native mobile application development. Our SDKs are complete, well documented, and easy to use. The newest addition to this set is our NativeScript SDK. NativeScript now integrates with Kinvey to make it easy to build the front end of your app, and as always you can count on Kinvey for your backend too.

Read on to discover 3 reasons why you should be building enterprise grade apps with Kinvey and NativeScript.

1. Decoupled Development

Most apps will need to access one or more systems—a data source such as Salesforce, SAP or SQL Server, or an auth system like LDAP, Open ID or SAML. Kinvey’s concept of decoupled development powers teams to iterate on a mobile app in an agile manner while still being able to connect to a variety of these systems.

As mobile app developers, your time is best spent optimizing on a delightful user experience. Kinvey provides you, the NativeScript developer, with abstractions that decouple your app experience from the complexity of backend protocols, query languages and data contracts. We take care of the infrastructure work so that you can focus on innovation.

2. Scale, Security and End User Support Built in

Building great functionality and user experience is just one part of app development. Managing scale, security and end user support are critical to the success of your app, and they should not be afterthoughts. We solve these hard problems for the NativeScript developer.

How do you store and query data offline? How do you sync hundreds of thousands of objects between the app and your data source? These capabilities are built into the Kinvey NativeScript plugin so you don’t have to build them from scratch. With Kinvey, security and end user support are built into your app stack.

Kinvey is a HIPAA compliant platform used by several healthcare apps. Our operational intelligence product provides a full view into your app, so you can track usage, troubleshoot issues and monitor compliance.

3. Open Platform

NativeScript is already an open platform. At Kinvey, we strongly believe in building our platform in an open, standards-based way. Our NativeScript plugin is open source under the same license as NativeScript (Apache 2.0). Kinvey can run on a platform of your choice—Amazon, Google or Azure. You don’t have to be locked in. We are built on open, standards-based tools and technologies—Node, MongoDB, and Kubernetes, just to name a few. With Kinvey, you have the freedom to pick and choose exactly which combination of tools works best for you with no hassle at all.

Try it Today

Want to see how NativeScript and Kinvey can work together to build the high quality application you need? Learn more at the link below.

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Tejas Ranade

Tejas is a Director of Software Engineering at Progress. He leads the team responsible for Kinvey SDKs, which enable developers to write rich, fast, modern apps on a wide variety of client platforms. He has helped build products in the mobile and web platform space for the past 10 years. You can find him on Twitter and GitHub.


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