The 2022 DataDirect Data Connectivity Survey Report Is Now Live

The 2022 DataDirect Data Connectivity Survey Report Is Now Live

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Read some highlights from the 2022 DataDirect Data Connectivity Survey Report.

It’s my favorite time of year again: Fall will be here soon. This means the weather will start to cool down, football is back and of course, the long-anticipated 2022 DataDirect Data Connectivity Survey Report is here.

This year we switched it up a bit and focused on three main areas: Data security and privacy needs, cloud migration, and the use of APIs and data services. And wow, did we get the attention of those out in the market! I am pleased to say we had hundreds of respondents with roles ranging from solution architects and developers to IT managers and directors. This broad range of respondents reflects not only the views of IT management, but also the perspectives of day-to-day individual contributors that are responsible for keeping the IT department running.

To provide a sneak peek of the 2022 report, we recently held a webinar with David Loshin and Abie Reifer, industry experts in the field of data and analytics, to get their thoughts on some of the more compelling answers given. Now, I am not going to tell you everything they said—you need to watch the webinar for all that goodness. However, I have broken it down by category below as a sample. Enjoy!

Data Security and Privacy

  • When it came to groups and roles within an organization that are interested in data security there was a surprisingly low frequency for roles in the areas of CIO/CISO (35%), compliance officer (33%) and Legal (25%). Logically, these three groups/roles should be the parties that are most interested in data security. David and Abie cover their thoughts on why these numbers could be so low, and what organizations should be doing better to reach their security goals.
  • In your opinion, which data security processes and systems are most challenging to integrate and follow? Here we cover some surprising numbers and the low frequency of answers for areas such as data resiliency and content classification, and what that means for organizations’ security practices and goals.
  • What procedures for data protection policy compliance do you have in place? With data protection laws such as the GDPR firmly in place now, and many other laws springing up around the world, we discuss the survey answers regarding risk assessment, data governance and data handling procedures. We also cover what organizations are doing well, and where they can make improvements.

Cloud Migration

  • What amount of data at your organization is stored in the cloud? In the webinar, we dig into the numbers and where organizations need to be as the cloud continues to be a major factor moving forward.
  • Where are your data sets stored? Some fascinating answers given here, even more so when factoring in the amount of new data sets that are being stored in the cloud vs older data sets. Worth a watch of the webinar to hear this section.
  • Are cloud data sets replicating on-premises data sets? The survey concludes that fewer organizations than ever are replicating on-premises data sets. David and Abie discuss this and what it means for the cloud space and the growing trust organizations have in the cloud.

Usage of APIs and Data Services​

  • How are APIs being used (what purpose) within your organization? It’s no secret that APIs have been around since the dawn of time, but in the webinar, we discuss future usage and how they continue to be invaluable for the purposes of reporting, analytics and data mining.
  • Are you using mostly internal or external APIs? Here we discuss organizations’ use of internally built APIs for data exchange and data sharing, the percentage of APIs being used built by external providers and the growing monetization of APIs with the purpose to sell them to other companies.

This blog and the webinar that accompanies it is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the insights within this year’s 2022 DataDirect Data Connectivity Survey Report. So, watch the webinar, read the report and as always, if you have any questions, we at DataDirect are here to help—contact us! And don’t forget to look out for our invitation to our 2023 survey. We will be looking forward to your feedback on that shortly. 

Watch the webinar

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Todd Wright

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