2013 DataDirect Design Previews

2013 DataDirect Design Previews

Posted on April 30, 2013 0 Comments

design previews

What are you doing May 5th and 22nd? If the answer is nothing exciting, then you should join the DataDirect team in Bedford and San Mateo, respectively, for our 2013 Design Previews.  This has been quite the year at DataDirect, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been developing!

Not only will we be sharing a roadmap of our planned activities for the next few months, but also we will be discussing how data connectivity impacts the hottest topics in technology today. You’ll get a chance to:

  • Hear firsthand from our product architects
  • Speak directly with product decision-makers
  • Tell us what you think of existing versions
  • Suggest new functional enhancements
  • Influence the product development cycle

See below for a sampling the sessions we’ll be offering during the one-day event. You can register for the event here, or by clicking below.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.11.02 AM

Session Abstracts:

The Big Question: What's next for Big Data?

It seems like new databases are popping up every day – all of them latching onto the hype around Big Data.  This session will help you to make sense of the madness, separate marketing hype from reality, and understand when you want to use NewSQL, NoSQL, KeyValue, Document-Oriented, etc. and the tradeoffs that are part of that decision.

Connecting the Dots: Progress DataDirect Roadmap

This session will provide you with up to the minute information on what we are working on for the next versions of DataDirect Connect and DataDirect OpenAccess, our SDK for developing new drivers.

Unified Access to NoSQL, SaaS, Big Data, and Social Network Data

This session will provide an overview of DataDirect Cloud, an exciting new service offering that provides access to data from ANY source through the standards based interfaces you know and love, ODBC and JDBC.

Behind the Scenes – Viewing the World Through a SQL Lens

The magic underlying DataDirect Cloud is our ability to make any data source appear to be a SQL compliant database. This session will give an in-depth overview of how we perform this mapping for NoSQL and SaaS datasources.

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