[Webinar] Extending the Advantages of 100% .NET Managed Code to Oracle, DB2 and Sybase

[Webinar] Extending the Advantages of 100% .NET Managed Code to Oracle, DB2 and Sybase

Posted on December 04, 2006 0 Comments

Join us tomorrow for our second in our series of online webinars. Both Mark Troester I will be giving tomorrow's presentation; attendance is free and you can register here for the conference details. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is a fundamental component of the Microsoft .NET Framework. The CLR provides numerous capabilities that help ensure that 100% managed code performs well, scales effectively and is highly reliable and secure. This webinar will discuss how the DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET providers extend the value of the .NET Framework to applications that rely on Oracle, DB2 and Sybase. This is critical since the ADO.NET providers that Oracle, IBM and Sybase are not 100% managed. The Oracle, IBM and Sybase data providers rely on the native database clients (e.g., Oracle Networking client), which forces your application to bridge outside the CLR. Calls that bridge the CLR incur performance penalties, are less reliable and are more prone to security breaches. We'll discuss the run-time, development and deployment advantages that you can realize by using database providers that are 100% managed. Topics will include application versioning, side by side deployment, run-time performance and scalability, and database interoperability. Note: To cover as many time zones as possible, we will do two presentations tomorrow: 09h00 EST and 13h00 EST. Don't forget to bring your questions/comments as we will spend the final portion of the presentation fielding your questions.

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