Build Responsive Web Apps with the Kendo UI Framework

Build Responsive Web Apps with the Kendo UI Framework

Posted on July 06, 2015 0 Comments

OpenEdge developers can build responsive, multi-screen HTML5 and JavaScript web apps easier using Telerik Kendo UI Framework.

According to industry surveys, 50 percent of developers are making their web applications responsive. Apps built with HTML5 can leverage the latest technology trends. But with multiple screen sizes, platforms and browsers to accommodate, web app development can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive.

Using Telerik® Kendo UI® framework, it’s much faster and easier to build responsive web apps. With more than 70 jQuery-based UI controls and thousands of features for developing modern HTML5 and JavaScript apps, you don’t have to build anything from the ground up. You can easily tailor your UX to any screen size or browser, and the controls come with ready-to-use themes you can modify to your specifications.

Access OpenEdge JSDO to Build JavaScript Apps Faster

Built by Telerik, a Progress company, Kendo UI framework integrates seamlessly with AngularJS and other JavaScript frameworks, so you can keep using your favorite tools used to. Plus, the Progress® OpenEdge® JSDO backend can be easily accessed through the Kendo UI DataSource using the same architecture used for mobile in OpenEdge versions 11.2 and up. This enables you to:

  • Use JSDO from a simple HTML page
  • Use JSDO from the Kendo UI Grid and Chart components
  • Wrap the transport functions in a Kendo UI Class
  • Share a Kendo UI DataSource between widgets

Whatever your next application development project might be, Kendo UI framework gives you the biggest arsenal of HTML5 tools to help you build apps with JavaScript faster and better.

Try Kendo UI Framework Now

Now’s the perfect time to find out what Kendo UI framework’s all about. Download a free, 30-day, fully functional trial so you can experience first-hand how jQuery-based widgets can help you deliver UI tailored to the user’s screen size—automatically or by changing a single property.

Visit Telerik and start your trial today.

Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom is Senior Director of Product Management for the Telerik Platform. A longtime developer, Brandon is passionate about the web, mobile and is an aspiring maker and electronics enthusiast. Brandon has spoken at national, international and online events, and he loves hanging out with and learning from passionate designers and developers. He is the author of two books, the latest being "Building Polyfills" from O'Reilly. He can be found on Twitter as @brandonsatrom.


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