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SF Lakeland Health

Crafting a Modern Digital Patient Journey with Sitefinity

Spectrum Health Lakeland is known for its excellence in quality and its commitment to bringing a heart to healthcare for the 140,000 people the health system serves.

Delivering an excellent digital experience is also a pivotal part of the never-ending quest to improve the overall healthcare journey. Progress Sitefinity CMS enables Lakeland to do just that, providing personalized patient communications while also streamlining content management processes. Watch this on demand webinar to learn more.

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Low Code Development for Web, Mobile and Chat in the Real World

Depending on what role you play in building apps, the concept of “low code” or “no code” development can elicit either fear or doubt—or maybe both.

Join us as we explore the Kinvey Studio low-code solution. We’ll dive into real world examples of building cross-platform apps in less time, with less code than ever before through features register today to learn more.

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The Progress Application Evolution Approach

With Progress as your partner, there is no need to delay the Application Evolution process any longer. You are in an ideal position to seize the new opportunities that will present themselves with a move to a lighter and more fluid cloud architecture. We now offer a prescriptive Application Evolution process, designed to initially focus on one area of the application. This process enables you to continually improve your application as business requirements shift. The result is an application that is always producing value, enabling the organization to evolve, thrive and compete. 

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Integrating OpenEdge with Salesforce

Salesforce plays a large role in empowering digital transformation efforts at companies across the world. Businesses increasingly want access to their Salesforce data for analytics and other mission-critical processes within their OpenEdge applications, as well as the ability to make OpenEdge and other external data available to SFDC via OData REST APIs to get real-time information and avoid costly duplication. Enterprises often turn to homegrown solutions to make these connections. Creating these custom data connections to Salesforce isn’t easy—often taking months or even years. In this session, we’ll explore how you can leverage Progress’ DataDirect innovations to quickly and easily make these connections in real-time.

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Serverless ETLs for Migrating OpenEdge Data to AWS or Azure

At the heart of any data integration strategy is the mechanics of the migration. Many organizations build their data lake or data warehouse by combining data from various cloud and on-prem sources. In this session, we’ll illustrate how to ETL OpenEdge data into a data warehouse or data lake for analytics using cloud ETL technologies like AWS Glue or Azure DataFactory. 

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Evolving for Seamless Data Integration

Accessing and sharing data across organizational boundaries without affecting performance or security of the application is not easy. Learn how new technologies in the Progress portfolio such as Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) and the Autonomous REST Connector can be leveraged to create frictionless cloud2ground integration between disparate applications, data sources and business intelligence platforms to enable organizational efficiencies, data-driven decision-making and improved business visibility.

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Say Hello to Pro2 6.0

Pro2 6.0 makes data replication even easier to help you meet the ever-growing need for fast, seamless access to data for analytics, reporting and business intelligence.

We invite you to watch this webinar to learn about the many new features packed into this significant release. You’ll learn how Pro2 6.0 helps you to:

  • Ease data migration and ensure backward compatibility for version upgrades
  • Leverage OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC) to deliver near real-time replication
  • Increase productivity through guided replication set-up 
  • Minimize configuration and management effort through modern, intuitive web interface 
  • And lots more!

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Thriving in a Post-App World with Microapps

Microapps are single-purpose workflows that help users accomplish individual tasks as part of a more complex workflow. Microapps help break complicated systems into an easier-to-manage array of workflows (microapps) that can be made instantly available on any device a user may want. Learn more in this webinar on-demand.

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Achieving Engaging and Intuitive User Experiences

Evolving the presentation layer of the application to achieve a pleasing UI, while also re-designing the user experience, particularly in a mobile-first world, is necessary to achieve an engaging application that meets user expectations and encourages adoption of the app. Learn how Progress Kinvey can increase developer productivity while providing a flexible, secure and integrated cloud-hosted platform along with an efficient front-end tool to achieve this goal.

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SF 12 IT Webinar

Sitefinity 12 Is Here: Effortlessly Deliver Complex Customer Experiences

Today’s customers demand compelling multichannel user experiences. As a developer, it’s up to you to deliver these complex, scalable customer experiences. 

With Sitefinity 12, developers can easily manage complex, large-scale projects by breaking them down into individual components. This accelerates development, testing and deployment as well as enabling businesses to get to market faster.

Watch our webinar to learn about the latest in Sitefinity 12.

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SF 12 Marketer

Be a Marketing Maverick with Sitefinity

Today’s customers demand high-touch, personalized experiences with rich, relevant content delivered instantly through the digital channels they choose. As a marketer, how do you do deliver these seamless omnichannel customer experiences?

The latest release of Sitefinity makes it even easier to develop engaging content that drives conversions.  Sitefinity redefines productivity with improvements designed to help marketers do their jobs—and get results—even faster.

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What Are Microapps— and Why Should You Be Using Them?

How many apps do you use at work on a regular basis? Is it annoying to deal with different logins, app navigation, user experiences, and other quirks? Are you finding you only use 10% of some apps, while the other 90% gets in your way?  

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Evolving for Increased Availability and Formidable Security

Exciting capabilities available in OpenEdge 12.0 help you target 24x7x365 availability and formidable security across your application ecosystem. Learn about improved AI file streaming, PASOE health scanning tools, and align with powerful industry-standard security mechanisms.

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Evolving for Performance

Improving your application without affecting performance is a requirement. Evolving for performance means improving the application’s ability to deliver a quick response time, regardless of the number or types of connections being made. Learn how to achieve stunning performance improvements with OpenEdge 12.0. Prepare to be amazed at three-fold gains in speed when utilizing server-side joins, multi-threading and BHT contention improvements.

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Evolving Your OpenEdge Architecture

The steady adoption of microservices and use of API’s has accelerated due to heightened needs for systems to interoperate. Organizations are being pushed to keep up or risk competitive disruption. According to Forrester, “2019 will herald the first comprehensive industry cloud ecosystems, with extensible SaaS apps at their core.1” Learn how Progress Application Server for OpenEdge can help you get to the cloud and extend the capabilities of the application through APIs or RESTful services to improve extensibility, scalability and collaboration.

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Improve Customer Experiences With Enterprise-Grade Chatbots

The right chatbot can improve engagement and help increase customer satisfaction. NativeChat is an enterprise-grade chatbot focused on guiding users to complete tasks without human intervention.  This webinar examines the different types of chatbots, shows how you can use a chatbot to automate a process, connect to enterprise and cloud data and publish your chatbot to both the web and mobile apps.

To learn more, watch this webinar to learn more about enterprise-grade chatbots.

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Kinvey Studio—The Fastest Way to Build Enterprise Web, Mobile, and Chat Apps

Enterprises always want their applications to be better, cheaper and faster, but they’ve often been forced to settle with two of the three. Until now, that is.  What’s coming in Kinvey is a new tool built for visually creating engaging chatbots and immersive experiences across web, iOS and Android.

Kinvey remains focused on developers and this approach delivers visual productivity while providing full control over the application code and development experience. You can build and maintain no-compromise enterprise-grade applications while avoiding many of the headaches traditionally associated with app development. 

To learn more, watch this webinar as we discuss Kinvey Studio in detail. 

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Accelerating UI Innovation with Kinvey for OpenEdge

Much of the magic that goes into creating a great application user interface happens behind the scenes. However, modern apps need to span multiple channels and devices, which adds an extra layer of complexity to development.

Kinvey addresses many of these pain points. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Kinvey can help you:

  • Decouple the frontend from the backend, shielding UI devs from complex backend systems
  • Simplify connectivity to OpenEdge (and other backend systems) with no/low-code integration
  • Speed up development via Kinvey Studio, an integrated visual app designer
  • Design and deploy engaging, enterprise-grade chatbots quickly via Kinvey Chat

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Savvy Businesses Lead with a Digital Experience Platform

The exploding number of channels customers can use to interact with your organization requires a new approach to creating and managing digital experiences. Enter the Digital Experience Platform (DXP), an integrated array of technologies that allows you to deliver a wide variety of experiences to a wide variety of audiences. A DXP’s agility and flexibility enables you to plug into new, emerging technologies and deliver on tomorrow's customer expectations. This session reveals why a DXP should be the foundation of your digital transformation strategy.

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Omnichannel Delivery Is the New Normal

User expectations now extend past multichannel to omnichannel experiences—seamless, integrated and continuous experiences spanning all touchpoints and devices, from mobile to wearables to IoT. This requires a unified, secure and scalable backend that integrates with existing systems, data and identity sources throughout the business. Learn why thousands of enterprises rely on Progress to rapidly deliver scalable digital experiences.

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