Uncovering Machine Secrets In Factory Floor Using Data

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Uncovering Machine Secrets

Manufacturers are constantly battling 24*7*365 days to ensure zero downtime. But the reality of the unpredictable nature of machines often puts manufacturers in a tight spot. Having a laser sharp, focused analytics on factory utilization, manufacturers can have a real-time status check on machines and respond to failures much ahead of time.

In this webinar, Pritesh Patel, Director of Data and Analytics of Industrial IoT , GE will highlight the data deluge challenges that manufacturers face and how they can utilize Industrial IoT to harness the information at every step of production life-cycle from smart sensors for informed decision making. Joining Pritesh will be Jay Jobanputra, Enterprise Sales Director, DataRPM who will share his experiences of how cognitive predictive maintenance is a game changer for the digital manufacturer.

By Attending this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Evolution of smart machines, challenges and opportunities
  • How smart machines and connected sensors can provide unparalleled level of visibility for increased efficiency in the IIoT era
  • How Cognitive Predictive Maintenance empowers manufacturers to achieve 'Maximum Machine availability'
  • Use case demonstration

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