Rebooting Operational Excellence in Automotive Paint Shops Using Analytics

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Automotive Paint Shops

Aging infrastructure and raw material price volatility often put automakers in a tight spot when looking for radical ways to reduce operational costs. With a powerful nexus of forces such as IoT, IIoT and machine learning, automakers stand at the brink to experience not just incremental but transformational benefits.

Paint application is one of the most complex and demanding activities and paint defects can result in poor customer experience and impact the company brand. Join us for a webinar hosted by Anita Rajasekaran, Principal Growth Hacker, DataRPM featuring Abhishek Tandon, Business Insights Manager, DataRPM where he will discuss how automakers can improve their output quality, reduce defects and improve the operational efficiencies by applying analytics in the right way across the paint shop.

The webinar features:

  • How predictive maintenance can result in improvement in quality, reduction in unit cost and improved production efficiencies on paint assembly lines
  • How OEMs can use sensor data to identify erratic machine behavior which causes inconsistent production output
  • Use Case - How a prominent UK automotive manufacturer achieved 75% reduction in rework by identifying the indicators of defects in the paint shop

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