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Best Practices for Connecting to Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Making the Leap: Best Practices for Connecting to Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Companies are relying more and more on cloud-based data warehousing as a solution to some of the critical needs of today’s digital business world. See how Progress DataDirect Connectors for Cloud Data Warehouses can help you access and analyze the data from cloud data warehouses at the speed of business.



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How LexisNexis Solved Their Clients’ Reporting Challenges

Reporting plays a pivotal role in today’s data-driven world, providing deep insight into every facet of business operations. This makes reporting a critical part of modern business applications.

In this webinar, Progress partner LexisNexis will show you how they used OpenEdge Pro2 to modernize their workflow application and provide customers with reporting capabilities.

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Future-Proof Your Digital Experiences: Nova Scotia Power’s Transformation Story

Customers today have high expectations for engaging digital experiences. However, delivering these digital experiences requires a well-crafted and executed roadmap—especially given technical challenges like website sprawl, siloed data and complex integration scenarios with legacy and third-party systems. For more on how Nova Scotia Power future-proofed its digital experience strategy with Sitefinity, join us for our upcoming webinar.

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Elevate Productivity and Agility with Corticon Across the Microsoft Landscape

Microsoft is a powerhouse player in the modern digital landscape, with Dynamics 365 at the foundation of many business operations and Azure hosting numerous enterprise apps. See how Corticon 6 enables you to quickly and codelessly connect to Microsoft applications like Dynamics 365 for superior business rules capabilities.

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Proactive Decision-Making with OpenEdge Pro2

BI and analytics fuel the success of today’s industry leaders, enabling them to make better decisions in less time. However, these systems ultimately rely on quality data—good decisions can’t come from stale data.

Progress OpenEdge Pro2 offers real-time data replication for your OpenEdge application, without disruption to normal business operations. This empowers organizations to:

  • Improve proactive decision-making
  • Reduce the footprint of their database
  • Remain compliant with data transfer regulations
Watch this webinar to see how OpenEdge Pro2 is helping hundreds of businesses worldwide be more proactive with their decision-making.

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Extensibility and Integration Made Easy with Sitefinity

This on-demand webinar goes over the platform’s extensibility points as well as how to package your implementations and distribute them across multiple Sitefinity instances.  You’ll also learn about the new Sitefinity Marketplace, which enables you to share your creations with the Sitefinity community.

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Defining and Packaging ABL Services for PASOE

Modernizing your OpenEdge app starts with migrating to Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE). An enterprise-class application server, PAS for OpenEdge is specifically tailored to support ABL application development and deployment environments, enabling you to modernize your app while using fewer system resources.

In this encore session from ProgressNEXT 2019, learn how to build ABL Services with the intention of deploying packages to the PAS for OpenEdge. Peter Judge, Software Architect at Progress, shares the foundations for a solid, yet extensible application architecture, explores various deployment packages and looks at best practices for API definitions and versioning.

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Securing a Cloud Application

In the modern era, security is top of mind for many enterprises. This is especially the case as more and more applications are moved to the cloud. One of the key benefits of migrating your application to PAS for OpenEdge, which is built on Apache Tomcat, is the built-in Spring security framework, which helps you limit your application vulnerabilities.

In this encore session from ProgressNEXT 2019, David Moloney, Manager of Software Engineering at Progress, demystifies the various technologies available to secure your OpenEdge application in a cloud deployment.

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Implementing DevOps and CI/CD Techniques for Cloud Apps

Innovation is at the heart today’s most successful business. This is why continuous integration/continuous delivery has risen to the forefront of modern application development—CI/CD solutions help you increase speed of innovation as well as improve the quality of your code and how you use it.

In this encore session from NEXT19 we will discuss how CI/CD can be applied in the OpenEdge environment. We'll explore standard CI/CD practices that ease software delivery and help to achieve high availability. Topics include:

  • An explanation of pipeline tools, including GitHub, Ant, Ansible and TeamCity
  • How to introduce a pipeline into your organization
  • Best practices for versioning
  • Utilizing containerization in the OpenEdge environment

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Profile and Monitor Your Application in PASOE

The high performing PAS for OpenEdge has proven to be an excellent tool for locating loose coding practices. With a plethora of available monitoring tools, you can ensure your application is always performing exactly as intended.

In this encore session from ProgressNEXT 2019, Dustin Grau, Principal Consultant at Progress, dives into monitoring in greater detail. Learn how to observe particular metrics during code execution and how to automatically track and graph results for easier consumption. Topics include:

  • Defining the role of OpenEdge Manager
  • How to locate possible memory leaks
  • How to use test results to properly size resources, such as memory

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Focus on Digital Experiences, Not the Infrastructure

The pace of business is accelerating, as are the demands of today’s digital consumer. Does your organization have the agility, scalability and infrastructure necessary to deliver great customer experiences and stay competitive in an omnichannel landscape?

Sitefinity Cloud empowers companies to easily develop and deploy powerful, unique digital experiences at the speed of business. Learn more by watching our webinar.

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Alexa How Do I Build a Chatbot

Voice chatbots are not only popular because of the convenience of talking to a device, but also they come very handy, when your hands are busy (i.e. when you are cooking ) or more importantly when your eyes should be focused elsewhere (i.e. when you are driving).

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Chatbots The Future of User Experience is Here

The right chatbot can revolutionize the way people interact with your business via their mobile devices. No more long support phone calls, complicated forms, or tedious navigations through mobile apps.

Join us as we reveal the power and simplicity of NativeChat—an innovative AI-driven channel powered by the Kinvey Platform for rapidly creating and deploying chatbots for transactional use cases across web, iOS, and Android.

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Progress DataDirect and Google BigQuery Webinar

Progress DataDirect + Google BigQuery – Accelerate Your Data Warehousing and BI Initiatives

Increasingly, businesses need a data warehouse environment that can scale while requiring little-to-no additional infrastructure investment. Google BigQuery answers this demand, and our new Google BigQuery connectors enables you to easily connect your apps to this cloud data warehouse. Watch this webinar to see our new connector in action.

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Take Personalization to the Next Level with Hyper-Personalization

In today’s omnichannel world, combining all your touchpoints across web, mobile, email, ads, etc. is becoming critical for better engagement and conversions.  That combination of touchpoints is hyper-personalization, which requires a company to have a deep understanding of its own products and a 360-degree view of the customer to devise a customized marketing strategy.

Join Progress and HGS Digital for this exclusive webinar about big data and hyper-personalization.

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Flywheel DEC Webinar

How Flywheel Uses Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) to Drive Tangible Results

Today’s digital marketers are more directly accountable for business results than ever before. But with data growing increasingly complex and fragmented, connecting marketing strategy to bottom-line results is a formidable challenge. Register today and learn from the experts that use Sitefinity DEC daily to make smarter marketing decisions.

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Unite UX Essentials – A Getting Started Guide for Early Adopters

Progress Unite UX webinar to early access group. A guide to install, get started and work with Unite UX.

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Getting Enterprise-Grade Authentication with Sitefinity

In a very special encore webinar from ProgressNEXT 2019, join the Sitefinity engineering team as they present technical topics with a live question and answer session on enterprise-grade authentication.

One of the main challenges for developers is connecting multiple diverse systems. This is where Sitefinity shines, with standards-based authentication, OData services and built-in connectors that enable enterprises to tackle this critical piece of the puzzle.

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Geo-Distributed Deployment Thumbnail

Achieving Geo-Distributed Deployment with Sitefinity

In a very special encore webinar from ProgressNEXT 2019, join the Sitefinity engineering team as they present technical topics with a live question and answer session at the end.

While traditional content delivery networks with multiple points of presence may be the answer to serving static assets, more and more organizations are facing the challenges of delivering multichannel, dynamic and personalized content to global audiences. 

This webinar delves into one of the unique capabilities of the Sitefinity platform that can help deliver instant, personalized content across multiple regions.

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Optimize your optimization

Optimize Your Optimization

Optimizing your website is a necessary part of optimizing your business for growth. If you want to increase user engagement, drive more conversions and improve interactions with prospects and customers, you need to take the time to develop a thoughtful optimization strategy.

Learn more at our upcoming webinar on Sept. 24. We’ll take you through the best practices for optimizing your website conversion rates and implementing proper A/B tests so you can constantly refine your digital experiences and drive user engagement.

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