What is Sitefinity Marketplace?

January 14, 2020

Visit Sitefinity Marketplace Today.

As a Sitefinity user, you’re tasked with figuring out ways to extend your Sitefinity solution so that it meets the unique needs of your organization. We know that developing new Sitefinity solutions or searching for 3rd party solutions can take time and delay your go to market.

This is why we’ve created Sitefinity Marketplace! Sitefinity Marketplace is a collaborative resource for users – that allows you to easily share and download solutions that extend the Sitefinity digital experience.

We offer two types of solutions available on Sitefinity Marketplace: Integrations and Add-Ons.

Integrations are applications developed by Sitefinity Partners that provide unique functionality which can extend a Sitefinity website’s digital experience. Add-Ons are custom widgets or productivity tools created by Sitefinity developers which can enhance a user’s experience.

If you find an integration or add-on that you want to integrate with your site – click on the orange button on its page, which will lead you to download it instantly or contact the Sitefinity team for additional assistance.

As a Sitefinity user, you can also share your solutions on Sitefinity Marketplace to drive more usage and visibility! If you’re a partner click, Submit Integrations, and if you’re a developer click Submit Add-Ons. Fill out a small form and the Sitefinity team will get back to you shortly!

The greatest part about Sitefinity is you - our dedicated, super knowledgeable community of partners and developers! Our goal is to provide you with one platform where you can share and download Sitefinity solutions easily. Together, we can help each other to achieve unlimited digital growth!

So, visit Sitefinity Marketplace today and check out all of the integrations and add-ons that our awesome community has to offer. And if you have an integration or add-on that you want to share with us – fill out our form to submit your solution!

Sitefinity Marketplace – One Community, Limitless Growth.
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Visit Sitefinity Marketplace today for integrations, connectors, productivity tools, and widgets.