Course Details

The audience for this three-day course includes business analysts who want to learn how to develop business rules using advanced features in Corticon Studio.

This course focuses on advanced features in Corticon Studio.
It begins with a review of the following rule modeling components - Vocabulary, Rulesheet, Ruletest, and Ruleflow. You learn about Vocabulary features such as Custom Data Types and Domains.

You learn about Vocabulary features such as Scope, Aliases, Collections, Filters, Dependency, and Looping.

You then learn about the following Ruleflow features - SUbflows, Iteration, and Service Call-outs. Finally, you learn about Ruletest features such as Annotations, generating data trees, and testing multiple Ruleflows from a single Ruletest.

What you will learn

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Define Custom Data Types and Domains in a Vacubulary.
  • Determine the proper Scope of a rule before you define it in a Rulesheet.
  • Define Aliases.
  • Use Collection operators in rules.
  • Define Filters in a Rulesheet.
  • Check a Rulesheet for conflicts and completeness.
  • Work with dependent rules.
  • Identify dependent rules and loops in a Rulesheet.
  • Define Sublows in a Ruleflow.
  • Define Iterations in a Ruleflow.
  • Annotate nodes in a Ruletest.
  • Test multiple linked Ruleflows from a single Ruletest..


2-4 November | Virtual EMEA English

Contact education@progress for virtual training or for other dates and locations 


Training Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course but familiarity with rule-modeling concepts will be helpful.


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