Modernization Services

Transforming into a digital business doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with thinking about where your business is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. Modernization, UI/UX remodel, and a reevaluation of current business processes are the building blocks of that journey. The world is moving around us—customer expectations change and there’s always competitive pressure on your market share. You can’t afford to stay still. Progress can help.

Benefits of Modernization

The business value of modernizing a legacy application can boost customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, increase adaptability by delivering an exciting user experience and protecting current investments.

Our consulting services team can help regardless of your modernization challenge with our proven approach and framework.

Modernization Blueprint: A Personalized Roadmap

Based on an understanding of the current state of your legacy application as well as your vision for the future, we will work with you to determine what architecture and technology best suits your company, creating a project blueprint that’s developed in three phases:

  • Assessment Review and analyze the current state of your platform as well as the skills of your staff to determine the best way to move forward.
  • Proof of Concept A pilot project in which your future user interface/user experience is identified and your workflow and application standards are defined.
  • Modernization Project Your roadmap identifies the path for moving forward based on the pilot project and your business goals.

Progress OpenEdge Modernization

This methodology allows you to benefit from the Progress Consulting Services Team's years of experience in modernization engagements. Our approach delivers key benefits that include:

  • Minimizing UX/UI work and furnishing responsive design
  • Leveraging your existing codebase investment
  • Supporting both procedural and object orientated coding
  • Offering fast ramp-up using experienced OpenEdge developers
  • Crafting easy to develop and debug solutions
  • Use of our exclusive OpenEdge Modernization Framework
OpenEdge Modernization Framework Videos

Mobile Development

Mobile can provide companies new revenue streams, system agility, improved staff and customer satisfaction. Despite this, many businesses have yet to adopt. If that sounds like you, let us help you join the mobile revolution. Take advantage of customers and prospects who exclusively use phones and tablets, and may not be having an optimal experience with your current application.

With the new Progress offering that leverages Telerik® Platform, you can have a native or hybrid mobile application for any device, including iOS and Android. Build it yourself, or let us build it for you. Either way, you’ll reap the rewards of mobile and do it in less time than you think.

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User Experience and User Interface

What happens when customers access your application? Do they easily navigate it with a few touch-screen taps, remarking on its beauty, quickly finding what they need? If not, it might be time to refresh your user interface (UI) to optimize the user experience (UX).


  • UI: The visual appearance of an application. Good UI is both attractive and accessible.
  • UX: The flow of your application journey. It includes how users navigate through the screens or steps needed to interact with your application. Good UX leaves users with a positive impression of your company and its application.

Progress now offers elegant UI construction with the Telerik® Kendo UI® framework. This powerful toolset offers everything needed to build web and mobile apps with HTML5/JavaScript. Furthermore, your applications will include responsive design, a variety of mobile controls and an offline data solution. If your company needs help with your user experience, a modern user interface might be the ticket.

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Customer Proof


"Progress went above and beyond by developing a product that end users could use to manage day to day activities."

CEO, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

SOURCE: TechValidate