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Managing Your OpenEdge Data and Database

On-Demand Webinar

Managing data is only a small part of what you do with your OpenEdge application — that's why it’s so important to keep, collect and use that data in an efficient manner. Managing your data and database is no small feat when trying to make decisions and take actions to benefit your business.

This webinar will show you how the powerful combination of Progress OpenEdge Pro2 and our Managed Database Services can not only help you manage your data but maintain your database for efficiency.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of using Progress OpenEdge Pro2 to create a channel for transferring OpenEdge data into a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or a target OpenEdge database for reporting and analysis
  • Best practices for managing that database including through the Progress Database services team
  • More about our Managed Database Administration (MDBA) and Managed Pro2 offerings

Watch this webinar to hear from the experts on how to maintain optimal database health. See you at the event!

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