Revolutionizing User Experiences with Generative AI-Enhanced Search

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How we search and interact with information is profoundly changing with the latest advancements in generative AI technology. Instead of letting us sort through thousands of results of best-match keywords, generative AI-enhanced systems provide an easier way of finding answers to our questions—in a natural, conversational, human-understandable way. This saves us time and effort. And the benefits will grow as the technology gets more sophisticated.

This is an opportunity for companies to remain relevant and competitive. To provide your customers or users with the experiences they expect, you need to rethink your content delivery strategy and the role AI can play in enhancing search. But you must also consider the risks, as generative AI-enhanced applications often provide inaccurate or incomplete answers, exposing companies to liability and loss of reputation.

Join David Kaaret, Senior Principal Solutions Engineer at Progress, as he explores the power of combining generative AI models with semantic search and your enterprise content more securely to empower users with fast, digestible and credible insights.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Amplify your search and better answer complex user queries
  • Make your content easily discoverable
  • Improve the relevance and accuracy of generative AI responses
  • Overcome data access and search challenges outside of generative AI

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