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Progress Alert and Notification Service

Apr 8, 2022

See how to subscribe to the Progress Alert and Notification Service (PANS)

Welcome to a quick video tutorial on subscribing to the Progress Alert and Notification Service. Note that you will need to be logged in to sign up. Check out our video on Accessing the Community if you need any assistance logging in. As always, we recommend using the Chrome browser and bookmarking directly, to enable you to get here the fastest.

The Progress Alert and Notification Service, also known as PANS, helps you stay up to date with critical product alerts as well as notifications for updates, bug fixes, and more. 
To subscribe to Progress Notifications, please click on this area in the top menu bar of the Community.

As you can see here, there are several types of notifications to subscribe to. If you own more than one product, this screen makes it easy to select as many communications as you’d like. We recommend subscribing to all of your product’s notifications by clicking “Select all”, but you can narrow down the communications you’ll receive by selecting only specific checkboxes.

Critical Alerts: Are High alerts cautioning of scenarios with potentially serious impact to your environment. 

Product Alerts: Are Details about releases, updates, enhancements, and bug fixes, calling out specific information to keep your system running optimally. 

Article Notifications: Knowledgebase informational tips and recommendations that you will find useful in daily management and maintenance of your software.

You’ll also see the ability to sign up for general Support information as well. These are more rare and would be communications that apply to all products. More information about PANS can be found by clicking here.

That’s it for now! Please feel free to check out our other videos to help you get set up for success with Progress! Thank you!