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Implementing Personalization with Sitefinity

Jun 27, 2019

Note: This video references Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud which was renamed to Sitefinity Insight as a part of the Sitefinity 13.0 release. Learn more about Sitefinity Insight.

When marketers talk about personalization, what is actually being discussed is the ability to customize the journey and display relevant content to users based on various attributes, such as job title/role, behaviors and other similar characteristics. This is important for two reasons:

  1. Personalization enables brands to be more relatable and relevant to their users by speaking to their specific needs
  2. Personalization enables brands to drive users to specific endpoints and goals (for example, product pages or webinar sign-up forms)

One of the unique strengths of Progress Sitefinity CMS is the ability to personalize specific widgets based on targeted user segments. For example, if a company wanted to target users from Denver, Colorado, it could create a user segment based on location and then personalize a widget so it displays specific content (like banners) to users who fit that segment.

Personalization is very simple, but it’s also extremely powerful and enables businesses to drive users where ever they’d like them to go on their websites. These personalized journeys speak specifically to the unique needs and desires of each customer, which can enhance conversion rates and engagement. And with built-in personalization tools out of the box, Sitefinity Online Marketing Edition or Enterprise Edition are perfect for creating these journeys. 

These personalization capabilities are further enhanced by Sitefinity Insight, which is a 360-degree analytics tool. It shouldn’t be considered a replacement for Google analytics, but a tool that works in conjunction with it.

Sitefinity Insight provides enterprises with much greater insight into the specific behaviors of their users and allows them to define their users via behavior-based personas. As a machine learning tool, it can decipher the data it’s tracking and present powerful recommendations for converting more users and driving other key goals. Sitefinity Insight is just another great tool for any marketer to have in their arsenal, enabling them to get even more value out of their website. 

Once enterprises have created their customer journey, they can further optimize it via A/B testing. A/B testing enables businesses to create different versions of pages and display them to various visitors. By tracking those different versions and seeing which one works better, brands can finetune their websites to drive visitors to the desired endpoint. Sitefinity can be used to track and show some analytics, clearly illustrating winners based on specific metrics and priorities.

All in all, Sitefinity is the ultimate digital marketing command center, providing all the capabilities modern marketers need to craft unforgettable customer journeys.

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