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eBook: OpenEdge Pro2 6.0

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With the volume of data increasing exponentially and the number of users rapidly growing—along with their demands and expectations for more and improved functionality—the need for fast, seamless access to that data for analytics, reporting and business intelligence has never been greater. What’s needed is a data replication solution that improves productivity, increases efficiency and scales for growth. 

OpenEdge Pro2 has gained a reputation for easy, fast replication from OpenEdge into a separate Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or OpenEdge. Now, with the availability of Pro2 6.0, and features like a new, modern UX dashboard and new UX Replication Wizard, you’ll be prepared for increasing demands for data access with expanded functionality and scalability for future growth. 

Highlights of Pro2 6.0 

A key feature of Pro2 6.0 is the UX dashboard which improves efficiency, productivity and allows proactive monitoring of performance and analytics, all while delivering a beautiful and intuitive experience that expands the product’s functionality and represents the most evolved version to date. In short, Pro2 6.0 is simple, pretty and swift. 

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