How Industrial IoT is Influenced by Anomaly Detection & Prediction


The biggest problem facing businesses in today’s myopia is that only 20 percent of all problems or anomalies that occur are predicted and understood beforehand. This means that around 80 percent of the problems businesses face are unpredicted, and the business is not prepared to handle them because of below-par anomaly detection. Traditional methods of anomaly detection are not getting the job done. 

Download whitepaper written by Ronald Van Loon, World Number 3 Influencer for Data Science and Machine Learning and Taj Darra, Data Scientist at DataRPM to understand:

  • Why traditional Anomaly Detection Techniques cannot solve Industrial IoT business needs
  • Need for Better Methods in Anomaly Detection & Prediction 
  • How Progress DataRPM's Bottom-Up Approach scales up for Industrial IoT complexities
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