OpenEdge Developers Kit Contents

The OpenEdge Developers Kit provides content on the various editions and products and platform information.
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FAQ: Migration from Classic AppServer to PAS for OpenEdge

This document addresses the most commonly asked questions from the Progress Community regarding the adoption of PAS for OpenEdge.
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OpenEdge Pro2 Data Replication Data Sheet

Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2™ is a data replication solution for Progress OpenEdge users that provides easy access to data from your OpenEdge applications. OpenEdge Pro2 data replication removes connectivity limitations without disruption to normal business operations or risk to the transactional database.

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OpenEdge 12.2 Data Sheet

The OpenEdge 12 release series provides the technical foundation to facilitate your application evolution effort. Our OpenEdge 12.2 release allows your development team to be highly productive as they build and deploy applications.
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Frost & Sullivan: Best Practices Award

Today, enterprises need an application development platform that can simplify delivery and deployment of the high-end digital experiences that customers want. Regardless of the challenges your business faces, you must be able to build these experiences—and you must be able to do so quickly as well.

Modernizing and upgrading to the latest OpenEdge version will help you leverage new technologies while protecting the equity and familiarity of the OpenEdge codebase. This allows you to effectively evolve your application to meet the demands of today's savvy customers.  

Download this report to learn about the value that Progress can bring to your OpenEdge application.

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Digital Decisioning for Patient Data Access

Health IT stakeholders today are tasked with implementing software that accommodates a paradoxical blend of requirements: transparency and privacy. Patients want access to their medical data through web and mobile portals, not locked away in Electronic Health Records (EHRs). However, increasing accessibility of the patient’s data adds a considerable number of security and data privacy concerns, both regulatorily and technologically.
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Deep Analysis Vendor Vignette: Progress Corticon

Progress is an application development software company with more than two million users and a 30-year-plus track record. Progress provides a low-code digital decisioning platform for business processes; low-code application development tools; digital experience software for chat, mobile, and web apps; and AI/ML tools for developing and operationalizing data science.
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Accelerate Your Cloud Data Warehouse Productivity

Accelerate Your Cloud Data Warehouse Productivity

Enterprises are increasingly migrating to cloud data warehouses but the value of these cloud data warehouses is ultimately limited by how quickly you can access the data within them. See how Progress DataDirect connectors for cloud data warehouses solve that challenge and provide you with secure data access at the speed of business.

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OpenEdge, Performance

OpenEdge 12 Database Server Performance Improvements

Performance tests comparing the newly released Multi-Threaded Progress® OpenEdge® Database Server for ABL (MTDBS) against the classic non-threaded server tout that the same workload will run in one-third of the time in some demonstrable test cases. This paper will explain the philosophy behind the tests performed and provide insights into the exact scenarios executed and statistics reported.
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Ucommerce for Sitefinity

Drive Purchase Decisions with Ucommerce for Sitefinity

Ucommerce for Sitefinity, Progress’s new fully integrated commerce for web content management (WCM) offering, enables, marketing, technology and sales leaders to align their web shop with their digital content strategy.
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Getting Ahead of the Hybrid Data Curve

Getting Ahead of the Hybrid Data Curve Whitepaper

Enterprises are shifting more of their data assets to the cloud, yet users still demand the ease of access and security they’ve come to expect with on-premises storage. DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline was built for this ever-changing hybrid data landscape, enabling secure, real-time access to on-prem and cloud-based data. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

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Where Will your CMS Take You Thumbnail

Where Will Your CMS Take You?

When choosing your ideal Content Management System, there’s so much to consider! Follow these seven easy directions to help you stay on track as you explore your CMS options.
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Build Beautiful Experiences with Unparalleled Performance

Providing seamless, personalized digital experiences to your audience propels your brand to the top of consumers’ minds and drives purchase decisions. However, managing and delivering digital experiences is complex—it requires close collaboration between IT and marketing, which can slow time to market and hinder marketer productivity.

Marketers can rise to the challenge with Progress Sitefinity Cloud, our new web content management (WCM) platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. With Sitefinity Cloud, marketers can align with IT to craft epic experiences easier and faster than ever before.

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Critical Factors when Choosing a CMS

Critical Factors When Choosing a CMS

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) can be tough. You don’t want to get caught asleep at the wheel, but at the same time, there’s just so much to consider! Ask yourself these seven questions as you consider your CMS options and it should be smooth sailing from there.
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G2 Crowd Comparison Report: Sitefinity vs. Crownpeak

Sitefinity was designed to empower marketer productivity and accelerate content creation, with a user-friendly UI, drag-and-drop layout designs, approval workflows and more. If you’re considering Progress Sitefinity or Crownpeak DXM, check out this in-depth comparison by G2 Crowd—Sitefinity wins out in 10+ categories, including ease of use.
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SF vs Epi Thumbnail

G2 Crowd Report: Sitefinity vs. Episerver

Not all CMSes are equal. If you’re considering Progress Sitefinity and Episerver, check out this in-depth comparison by G2 Crowd and see how Sitefinity beats Episerver more than 20 categories.
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Sitefinity Named a Leader in Report for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

In the 2019 Grid Report for Digital Experience Platforms, G2 Crowd evaluated some of the most prominent DXPs on the market and recognized Sitefinity as a “leader.” This was based on a variety of factors, including features and functionality, market presence and customer satisfaction.
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DXP Whitepaper 232x131_ResourceImage

Why Savvy Businesses are Leading with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Today, digital experiences are driven by the need to empower customers to do what they want to do, when and where they want to do it. With the explosion of available data and analytics, these experiences also need to be tailored to improve relevance. Make digital your company’s competitive advantage with a DXP that delivers the experiences your customers have come to expect. Download this paper to learn more.
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Cloud Purple Graphic

Manage Your Experiences, Not Your Infrastructure

Progress Sitefinity is now cloud-native and available as a WCM Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. As a PaaS, Sitefinity Cloud enables IT to reduce infrastructure management overhead and marketing to engage audiences across a broad array of digital touchpoints. Sitefinity Cloud enables system integrators, digital agencies and end users to develop, run and manage Sitefinity-powered digital experiences without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure. Download this paper to learn more.
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What’s New in OpenEdge 12.1

Evolving the platform for you and your customers 

Progress continuously evolves OpenEdge® with new features and enhancements to help you meet demand for application performance, availability, security and data management; addressing the need for high-availability, delivers increased database performance, strengthens security and improves developer productivity. 

OpenEdge 12.1 continues to address the need for high-availability, delivers increased database performance, strengthens security and improves developer productivity. Here’s a snapshot of what you will find when you
test drive OpenEdge 12.1. 

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