Microapps Platform

Transform Business Services and Apps
Into Engaging Mobile Experiences

Increase productivity and optimize business workflows by delivering single-purpose, cross-platform microapps that make your business services accessible to users in a single mobile app.

The Challenge

Mobility is a Formidable Challenge for Enterprises

While most organizations realize that mobility is key to optimizing business workflows and increasing employee productivity, relatively few have truly transformative enterprise-wide mobility deployments. IT executives struggle to leverage microservice, cloud-native architectures for integrating their business systems to automate workflows and deliver the engaging experiences that users demand. The need for maintenance, security and compliance usually puts a stop on new IT initiatives.

The Solution

Deliver Actionable Experiences That Adapt to Your Users

The Progress microapps platform provides a set of development and administration tools that make it easy to increase productivity by delivering all your business workflows through a set of microservices and microapps that are readily available to your user. No need to install, authenticate and fiddle with multiple mobile apps and web portals to accomplish simple tasks such as submitting, assigning or approving a work request.

Deliver Microapps Without The Hassle

Start small and gradually add microapps with pre-built templates, no customization limitations and no need for app store approvals.

Leverage Serverless Infrastructure

Cloud-first, NoOps platform lets you forget infrastructure management and focus on what matters the most—delivering business value.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Use out-of-the-box data connectors or easily set up a custom connection to your existing business applications.

The Business Benefit

Increase User Engagement and Productivity

Micromoments, or microapps, are a new paradigm in user experience and application architecture that delivers on the promise of mobile apps to increase user productivity and optimize business operations—without comprising security or increasing costs.

  • Increase Mobile Adoption and Productivity

    Increase mobile app adoption by deploying a single mobile app and delivering a constant stream of incremental updates through microapps.

  • Reuse Existing Skills

    Reuse existing web development skills to deliver unparalleled user experiences across multiple platforms.

  • Ensure Security

    Just configure the connection to your identity provider and enjoy single sign-on across microapps and full control over what given users and groups can access.

Microapps Platform Architecture


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