Get Consensus, Trust and

Easily create and deploy a blockchain-based, immutable ledger for all transactions across your value chain.

The Challenge

Efficiently Cooperate in a
Multi-Organizational Landscape

Businesses today have many partners across their value chain, from suppliers to distributors to the end consumer. It's paramount that all parties operate as a single business network, but the collaboration challenges are complex—incompatibility between systems, lack of trust, accountability, regulatory obligations, etc. Even the most straightforward collaboration requires enormous effort and resources to implement.

The Solution

Business Network Consensus With Built-In Trust

The Progress blockchain platform helps organizations easily set up a blockchain network that brings together disparate processes and information systems into a secure, distributed and permissioned ledger. Developers can quickly deliver new and innovative solutions that address even the most challenging of collaboration scenarios with trust built into the network by design.

Create Business Consortiums

Increase alignment among separate business entities by creating an environment that actively facilitates communication and collaboration within the group.

Rapidly Deliver Solutions

Build secure, cloud-based systems accessible by any device or platform. Achieve success faster by focusing on business problems instead of infrastructure.

The Business Benefit

Optimize Operations and Conduct Business in a Whole New Way

The Progress blockchain platform lets you bring organizations together across geographical and industrial boundaries to conduct business more efficiently.

  • Achieve Consensus

    Organize important stakeholders, align their processes and significantly reduce the time it takes to share information among all parties involved.

  • Increase Visibility

    Leverage complete, near real-time data that can be independently verified and traced back to its original source. Get the information you need to operate faster and make decisions more effectively.

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    Save time and resources by eliminating the need to include third-party intermediaries in your business processes.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are revolutionizing the way in which organizations share information by allowing data to remain trustworthy while being securely distributed. Advancements in this technology have created opportunities for businesses to work together more effectively, reduce costs and create new opportunities for growth. We are investing in new tools to help organizations build and deliver the next generation of blockchain-based apps on the Progress platform.

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