Kinvey Microapps

Microapps unify sprawling apps, portals and services into one secure app experience.


Rationalizing Apps for Enterprises Is No Easy Task

Enterprise applications are growing in volume, velocity and variety creating complexity for users despite increasing expectations for simpler, streamlined experiences. They’re often cumbersome, difficult to use and so laden with features that an average user doesn’t want to engage with these complex apps unless absolutely necessary.

Many businesses tried to solve the problem with web portals and mobile apps to enable productivity. But many mobile apps are too feature rich, making them almost as unwieldy and hard to use as the desktop apps they were meant to replace. The result is that users simply abandon the apps.

The solution

Kinvey Microapps

Microapps help solve enterprise mobility problems by breaking complex app environments and workflows into single purpose, actionable tasks. Kinvey Microapps provides a set of development and administration tools that make it easy to increase productivity by delivering all your business workflows through a set of microservices and microapps readily available to the user. There’s no need for employees or customers to install, authenticate and juggle multiple mobile apps and web portals to accomplish simple tasks such as submitting, assigning or approving a work request.


Progress Microapps Overview

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How It Works

Kinvey Microapps enables collaboration between IT and Lines of Business to deliver amazing user
experiences across a variety of disparate apps, while addressing enterprise security concerns:

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