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NextVision began in the city of Buenos Aires in 1990, when two friends passionate about Cybersecurity decided to undertake it, with the aim of helping companies in the protection of information, their assets, and their infrastructure. Over time we grew and evolved, always from an innovative perspective that allows us to provide the best service to our customers. Today we have a presence in Argentina and Spain, with a great team of cybersecurity professionals who work on projects both in Latam and in Europe and who are constantly updated to meet the new cyber risks of this context of digital transformation.

We are continuously pursuing an innovative look and seeking to understand the needs that our customers have today on the path of "Digital Transformation".

With two offices, one located in the Technological District of the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and another in Madrid (Spain), we create solid cybersecurity teams, with the best talent to provide an excellent service, according to the latest market trends. We work with clients of all sizes, from new and small organizations (SMBs) to global corporations.

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