Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hyderabad

What Startups get:

We provide space, infrastructure, R&D expertise, and the cloud-based Progress app development platform—which is SaaS and Mobile-ready—to help you build your application.

Access to Progress Software products
We give you access to Progress Software's Cloud platform, help in using it, solution architecture advice, which helps you build or enhance your prototype.

Go-To-Market Assistance
Given our business expertise, we help you tweak your product idea and business strategy, and get market validation before you actually go to market.

Access to investors
We help you connect into the local startup ecosystem first. In addition, at the end of the program, we help you connect with investors/venture capitalists for funding.


Progress Incubator Program

Third Cohort starts soon!

Got an idea for a business app? Want to build it fast and get it into the market ASAP at the lowest cost? You have reached the right spot! Progress Software has a program that helps you do just that.

The Progress Incubator Program aims to mentor early stage startups in building business applications from prototype to completion by providing access to the company’s cloud app development platform, reduce the barrier to entry by providing space and infrastructure, and providing advisory access to Progress’s substantial R&D expertise. The vision is to enable startups to create the next generation of business applications leveraging the low-cost, with faster time-to-market, high-productivity solutions provided by the Progress cloud app development platform, through the 6-month Progress Incubator Program for seed-stage startups.

The program at Progress Incubator
The program is a 6-month program for startups that have their initial prototypes and business plans in place. The program will provide enablement and accelerated validation and refinement of their idea and help building their solution, through advisory, mentorship and access to market and domain expertise. The center will provide mentorship and access to markets.

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Progress Incubator Program will provide access to Progress cloud app development platforms to build your business solutions. Further, Progress engineers will be available to help the startups by lending their domain expertise, mentoring and provide access to markets- depending on the merit of your idea. The Cloud app development platform significantly reduces the barrier of entry for a startup because its subscription model and low-cost hosted solutions ensure that the initial capital investment is very low from a capital as well as operations perspective.

Cost and equity: None
We give you access to our resources and products, without any service charges or any equity payment. The only expectation is that startups build their solution on the Progress Cloud app development platforms.

Who are eligible?
The program is open for any eligible startup or university across India.

The incubator is embedded into the Progress Software Hyderabad dev labs in iLab center, Hyderabad.

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