How Are DataDirect JDBC Drivers Different?

DataDirect JDBC drivers provide the following advantages over other JDBC drivers:

  • Strong security features such as TLS/SSL data encryption and Kerberos authentication backed by Progress's Security Vulnerability Response Policy, making it easy to provide robust security against a wide range of data sources and versions.
  • Advanced data access functionality is delivered through the JDBC specification so your application is enhanced without code changes. Features include High Availability, load balancing, transparent bulk load and enhanced performance.
  • SQL up-leveling provides the capability to write a SQL statement that can be executed across multiple databases, regardless of the database's SQL implementation. For example, a SQL statement written against Oracle will also be interoperable with DB2.
  • Support for the broadest range of enterprise data sources on the market. We don't only support the newest versions, because we know that most shops need time to upgrade. For example, the DataDirect JDBC drivers is deployed in a single Oracle jar file which supports Oracle 8.1.7 and all higher versions, including day one support for new versions.
  • Not just breadth of sources and versions, DataDirect also delivers depth with deep functional support including full SQL and JDBC API support, even for data sources that don't support full SQL such as cloud applications or NoSQL databases.
  • DataDirect introduced the world's first JDBC connector to Salesforce and introduced a patented normalization technique to represent semi structured NoSQL data, such as JSON documents stored in MongoDB, through a standard JDBC interface.
  • Performance matters, whether you're using Relational, Big Data, Cloud or a hybrid. DataDirect performance is battle tested. We optimize network traffic and everything else, right down to the authentication per connection, to improve your throughput, CPU and memory usage.
  • DataDirect has no external dependencies- no client libraries, no additional installs, and only one jar per driver for easy rollout and maintenance.
  • DataDirect JDBC functionality is standardized across data sources. You don't have to keep track of what API calls or SQL functionality are supported by each back-end source and tailor your code accordingly. DataDirect emulates functionality wherever possible within our jars, delivering you the most seamless experience across the breadth of sources.
  • Embedded debugging, tracing and troubleshooting tools.

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