How Do I Improve JDBC Performance?

DataDirect JDBC drivers are built for speed, with increased throughput, CPU and memory efficiency delivering faster response times and more scalable applications.

Developing performance-oriented JDBC applications is not always easy. JDBC drivers do not throw exceptions to tell you when your code is running too slow. Following some general guidelines for improving JDBC application performance can help you solve some common JDBC system performance problems, such as those listed in the following table.

See Designing Performance-Optimized JDBC Applications for guidelines that will help you improve your JDBC application performance, including information about:

  • Using DatabaseMetaData methods appropriately
  • Retrieving only required data
  • Selecting functions that optimize performance
  • Managing connections and updates

Following these guidelines can help you solve some common JDBC system performance problems.

DataDirect JDBC drivers that support bulk load functionality can significantly improve performance loading large data sets without any code changes for applications that implement JDBC addBatch and executeBatch.

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