What is a Business Rules Management System (BRMS)?

A Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is a technology system used to capture decision logic as a business rule, which is then automated across applications. Instead of embedding rules as code within multiple applications, with a BRMS, the rules are externalized and managed away from application code. This enables the logic to be leveraged by multiple applications and changed independently from the governing applications.

Why use a Business Rules Management System?

A BRMS empowers companies to define and maintain the rules guiding a system’s decision workflow to determine what actions are enabled in any given circumstance. With logic outside the programming code, these systems deliver a profound boost to business agility, productivity and logic accuracy—and in so doing, deliver reliable cost savings and faster rules changes when necessary.

What Benefits do Business Rules Management Systems Provide?

A BRMS like Progress® Corticon® delivers a number of key benefits:

  1. Provides safeguards to protect the integrity of decision logic
  2. Identifies incomplete, conflicting or circular rule logic
  3. Compiles rules down to an executable (.exe) for open standards integration into apps calling Web or REST services
  4. Scales endlessly, regardless of the number or complexity of rules
  5. Promotes fast, easy and accurate rules changes, highlighting dependencies so each affected rule is identified

Who Needs a Business Rules Management System?

Rules—in some form or fashion—govern every vertical, sector and industry, so it’s not surprising that there are strong application scenarios for a BRMS in nearly every enterprise. This includes:

  • Any business, organization or government entity that is governed by rules
  • Organizations with internal policies that affect staff, customers or vendors
  • Businesses wanting to improve decision making efficiency or accuracy
  • Entrepreneurs who want to respond quickly to market segment opportunities
  • Companies wanting to reduce exposure to regulatory fines


Corticon Business Rules Management

Empower your company with smart business rules that are automated, not coded