How Can Businesses Determine Eligibility and Compliance?

Every business must navigate the delicate waters of compliance. Whether striving to follow government regulations or established corporate policies, ensuring timely and accurate adjustments to ever-changing rule revisions is a critical business need. Manual updates are fraught with peril: mistakes and slow adjustments can prove very costly―both in terms of lost revenue, opportunities or levied fines for non-compliance. The answer is to use an automated business rules engine (BRE).

Automate Eligibility and Compliance with a BRE

Leveraging an automated business rules engine like Progress® Corticon® enables businesses to improve accuracy and agility. That’s because the business logic is kept outside the code, making it fast and easy for anyone―and especially non-technical users―to make the necessary changes themselves. Modifications that took weeks or months that typically relied on manually hard coding changes, can now take minutes or hours. BREs have revolutionized how businesses determine eligibility and ensure regulatory compliance through automation.

With automation, you eliminate potential for human error and loss of documentation while, at the same time, providing an audit trail for each step of the processes involved. This ability ensures information that is integral to business processes will be preserved.

Benefits of Using a Business Rules Engine to Determine Eligibility

  • Fast, accurate results in a fraction of the time
  • Improved customer responsiveness
  • Higher staff productivity
  • New market opportunities
  • Maximized efficiency from business collaboration and coordination, for both internal and external processes
  • Consistent applications

Benefits of Using a Business Rules Engine to Maintain Compliance

  • Implementation of rules changes in minutes, not months
  • Lowers risk of errors through built in testing and audit trails
  • Prevents unnecessary business risk

What Are the Risks for Being Non-Compliant?

  • Financial penalties
  • Lost customers and revenue
  • Damaged reputation
  • Reduced market share
  • Exposure to legal action


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