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The Enterprise B2B Ecommerce Platform

Znode offers robust, native B2B functionality combined with a headless, API-first architecture. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can quickly launch web stores, portals, roll up acquisitions, and deliver industry-leading ecommerce experiences.

Complex B2B Ecommerce Simplified


More Flexibility

Znode’s headless, API-first architecture decouples the customer experience from the core ecommerce engine, providing greater extensibility and flexibility. Znode also offers a “head” via a native software development kit (SDK) for increased speed-to-market. A completely open set of REST endpoints composes Znode’s API, meaning nearly any customer experience can be built on top of the B2B ecommerce platform’s commerce engine and utilize the native B2B feature set.

More Native Functionality

Leverage a robust set of native features to manage B2B contract rules, unlimited catalogs, account-specific pricing, complex inventory, detailed product information, approval workflows, quotes, and more. Administrators can easily leverage Znode’s dynamic data schema to meet business requirements without touching the core database.

More Control

Znode gives merchants a single platform for managing the B2B ecommerce experience regardless of channel. All product, order, account, and customer data are managed in one place. Prevent data silos and eliminate the need to manage multiple ecommerce platforms with Znode.

More Channels and Business Models

Power multiple business models including B2B, B2C and B2B2X, on a single ecommerce platform, and empower teams with Znode’s intuitive self-serve tools. Manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers can now enable the “middle B” in B2B2X models, such as dealer and distributor channels, to grow digital sales while maintaining control over customer data, product information, and more through Znode’s B Stores.

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  • Sitefinity
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Trade
  • Wholesale Trade
  • All Industries
  • 3rd Party Systems Integration
  • Ecommerce


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