Use this section to see the version of Sitefinity CMS you are running and the details of the license that you have installed.
For more information about initial installation of a license, see Create a project.

NOTE: License management operations such as updating, activating a new license, or refreshing your license are accompanied by a system soft restart to apply the changes. To avoid any short downtime periods, we recommend performing these operations during your site's scheduled maintenance.

To open Version and Licensing, in the main menu, click Administration » Version and Licensing.

On this page, you can also do the following:
  • Update your license
    Use this function if you have extended your current license.

    To do this, click Update License button.
    The system automatically reloads your license from the license server.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that if you are working in load-balanced environment and you update the license on just one node, this may result in issues on the other node(s). To avoid this, you need to first remove the nodes from the load balancer and then update the licenses on all nodes. For more information, see Use network load balancing (NLB).

  • Activate a new license
    To do this, click Activate new button.
    Use this button if you want to install a new license.
    The Activate a license screen appears.
  • Refresh your license
    If you have added a license file manually (for example through FTP), you must refresh the license for the changes to take effect.
    To do this, click the Refresh link in the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You can also view the license version and details in the project manager. To do this, from the list of projects, open the context menu of the project, whose license information you want to view, and click Show License Info.

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