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In this lesson you learn how to use the Integration hub service to automate your workflows and integrate marketing and other products with Sitefinity Cloud and Sitefinity SaaS.

It contains guided exercises for creating, extending, and testing basic workflows (called recipes) for integration with Salesforce that you can easily adapt to your production environment.



Administrators, marketing specialists, other business professionals


Less than 3 hours

Product Version

Sitefinity 15.1+

What Will You Learn


  • What the Integration hub service is, and how it integrates systems.
  • The basic Integration hub terminology used in the lesson.
  • How to map parameters among systems.
  • How to create your first Sitefinity-related recipe, and connect Sitefinity with Salesforce.
  • How to extend the functions of your first recipe.
  • How to test your newly created recipes to ensure they function correctly.

The lesson also includes several frequently asked questions about the Integration hub.

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