Install Sitefinity CMS

Depending on how you want to use Sitefinity there are the following installation paths: 

  • Use Sitefinity CMS with .NET Core Renderer only

    RECOMMENDATION: For new projects, we recommend installing Sitefinity CMS in .NET Core mode and create your project, based on the .NET Core framework.

    In this case, you install Sitefinity CMS with a lighter NuGet package that runs only .NET Core pages and then connect it with the .NET Core Renderer.
  • Use Sitefinity in a hybrid mode with .NET Core Renderer and MVC pages

    RECOMMENDATION: We recommend using this mode to migrate MVC to .NET Core pages.

    You install Sitefinity CMS with the full NuGet package, and then connect it with the .NET Core Renderer 
  • Use Sitefinity with MVC pages only 
    You install Sitefinity CMS with the full NuGet package, without installing and setting up a .NET Core Renderer. In this mode you can also use Sitefinity CMS Project Manager, instead of a NuGet package.

    RECOMMENDATION: We recommend installing Sitefinity CMS using the NuGet package. 

    Use the Project Manager to install Sitefinity CMS for evaluation purposes only. For more information, see Create projects with the Project Manager


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