Foundations of Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Development: Sitefinity 14

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The “Foundations of Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Development: Sitefinity 14” on-demand video course teaches developers how to use Sitefinity .NET Core and leverage its decoupled architecture and new way of coding against the platform. It explains how to employ the new Sitefinity features and possibilities that .NET Core provides, among which are its development model, the .NET Core architecture, now to set it up, using CLI commands, and widget development, among others.




Equivalent to 4 hours of classroom training

Product Version

Sitefinity DX 14.4

What Will You Learn

  • Set up a Sitefinity .NET Core project
  • Develop and work with Sitefinity .NET Core templates, pages, and widgets
  • Work with frontend framework of choice•Work with the REST SDK
  • Upgrade and deploy your applications
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues
  • Migrate existing Sitefinity MVC projects to Sitefinity .NET Core and test with Telerik Test Studio

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Navigate to the Content Library and search for: Foundations of Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Development: Sitefinity 14. Then simply click the title for FREE access to the course.

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