Personalization by campaign in Sitefinity CMS

When creating personalization segments in Sitefinity CMS, you can base the segments on any live campaign that you defined in Sitefinity Insight. Thus, you can serve personalized content to visitors that:

  • Are part of a certain campaign
  • Have not yet completed the interactions, that is, engagement activities, specified in the campaign
  • Have not yet converted, that is, have not completed the action, targeted by the campaign

For example, you want to increase the number of registrations for events, hosted in Paris. Your campaign targets visitors from France that landed on the Events page, so that a personalized version of the page, listing only local events, is served to this French audience. You want your visitors to click the Register button. If a visitor is coming from France but already went through the list with events, they are not served with personalized version of the page.

To personalize by campaign, when creating a segment in Sitefinity CMS, perform the following:

  1. In Sitefinity CMS backend, navigate to Marketing » Personalization.
  2. Click Create a user segment.
  3. In Add a characteristic dialog box, select Sitefinity Insight » Campaign.
  4. In the list of campaigns, select the one on which to personalize your Sitefinity CMS content.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Continue creating the user segment as described in the procedure Create user segments.

As a result, any visitor who participates in this campaign, sees the personalized content.

NOTE: If a campaign is deleted in Sitefinity Insight and there is a segment in Sitefinity CMS that is using this campaign, you get a message in the list with segments. You see a label that there is a problem with this segment.
If Sitefinity Insight is connected and used but there are no campaigns created, the Campaign in Sitefinity Insight radio button is visible but if you select it, a message is displayed that no campaigns are created yet.

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